Questions about warranty

Questions about the refinishing process

  1. Why should i consider refinishing?

    Maybe your tub has been the victim of someone who has dropped a heavy object and chipped or damaged the surface. Maybe the tub has been badly damaged by misuse of drain cleaners or other chemicals. Maybe the tub has been severely stained by who knows what. Maybe your tile is showing its age and is crazing or discoloring or won't shine anymore. Maybe the grout between your tile is looking old and hard to keep clean, or MAYBE YOU JUST DON'T LIKE THE COLOR OF YOUR BATHTUB OR TILE! Reglazing can correct all of these problems.

  2. What surfaces can i refinish?

    Bathtubs - porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble- this includes clawfoot tubs, jacuzzi's, 1pc tub and shower units & stalls, steel tubs etc

     Any Countertops - laminate, Formica,ceramic tile, as long as it has solid surfaces such as real or cultured marble. many customers choose a durable granite like finish that we offer :-)

  3. How much money can i save over replacement?

    Bathtub and wall replacement jobs typically costs approximately $7000, and takes over a week of construction mess, noise, and time off from your job to complete. Refinishing saves you 80% or more of the cost, and is completed with minimal disruption in your life.

  4. What kind of repairs can you make?


    Bathtub repair can be performed on many types of tubs including porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic or marble. We can repair rust, chips and cracks.


    Refinished countertops by can be repaired if accidentally scorched or chipped by sharp knives.


    Tiles that have been chipped can be repaired before refinishing. Missing grout will be replaced before refinishing. Refinishing has an added benefit of sealing the grout.


  5. How long does the process take to do?


    A standard size bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 2 to 3 hours to refinish. Available for use within 24hrs or sooner depending on if we choose to add an accelerant for same day use

  6. Is there an odor?


    Bathtub refinishing naturally contains an odor fortunately we take many procedures to eliminate the odor such as pleasant smelling additves to the materials along with exhaust systems. Also i might mention that we take pride in using Iso free coatings for public safety 

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Questions about the finish

  1. How long will the new finish last?

    Always with proper care and maintenance a refinishing job will last as long as a brand new fixture.

  2. How durable is the finish?

    We use the most durable coatings on the market and we are constantly upgrading with technolgy. Simply put our finish is made to resist chipping, peeling, fading and maintain it's shine for years to come as if it was just installed the day before.

  3. Does it require special care?


    Yes. We provide each and every customer or household with a copy of our care and maintenance sheet 

  4. What are the color choices

    We stock white but can match any existing color or create almost any custom color of your choosing. This includes the color of name brand fixtures american standard, kholer etc. 

  5. Will the surface look painted?

    A Refinished Tub or Tile has an awesome finish that looks brand new. Done properly by our company adds value to any property! Excellent choice!

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Questions about warranty

  1. Do you offer a warranty?


    Yes! We offer a minimum of a six-year warranty for bathtubs, wall tile and fiberglass units. This warranty covers workmanship, peeling or other failure of adhesion of the new coating. We are unique in that we offer three different types of coatings 6yr, 12yr and lifetime warranty


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